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Top 10 Songs by Blues Legend B.B. King

bb king top 10 songsB.B. King has been the king of blues for over 60 years. From his first single, which was released in 1949 until his last concert, King was able to share his unique style of blues with numerous fans. Choosing just 10 songs from this legend isn’t easy, but we have done our best.

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1. King’s first top 10 hit dates all the way back to 1951 and is “3 O’Clock Blues”. This song was the singers’s first single to get on the charts and ended up reaching number one on many different charts. It was also the best selling rhythm and blues record of its time.

2. “You Know I Love You” is another one of King’s popular songs. It also reached number one on the Billboard’s R&B charts in 1952. The original featured an orchestra with King.

3. “Riding With The King” is a song included on a 2000 collaborative album, KIng’s first with Eric Clapton.

4. “Rock Me Baby” was released in the year 1964 and quickly became a top hit and continued to be a staple in King’s concerts for nearly 50 years.

5. “Better Not Look Down” is a catchy song that references England’s queen. Released in 1979, King sang and played guitar on this song. A little known fact: King did not like playing and singing at the same time.

6. “My Lucille” is a song that King released in 1985. Written for the film, Into the Night, the song is about King’s guitar.

7. “Same Old Story” is another popular B.B. King song that was written just for him.

8.. “Worry, Worry” is a song from one of King’s best albums, a live recording from 1971.

9. “To Know You Is To Love You” was written by Stevie Wonder and King did an amazing job on it.

10. “Hummingbird” is a Leon Russell song that King loved. In 1970, it was released on Indianola Mississippi Seeds. After hearing it, Russell stated that King inspired and encouraged him as a player, too.

As you can see, B.B. King, one of the best guitar players and singers of all time, has had many great songs throughout his life. There are only 10 songs shared here, but King sang, played, or sang and played on many more. These songs have helped influence our history and the music of today.

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