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The Top 10 Best Songs By Cat Stevens

cat stevens top 10 songsBetween being Yusuf Islam and Steven Demetre Georgiou, he was best known as Cat Stevens. This British songwriter and singer made the very most of his time under this name, recording mature records that stretched over the late 1960’s to the middle of the 1970’s. After a near death experience he emerged as a type of folksinger and later in 1977, converted to the religion of Islam where he changed to Yusuf Islam. The list of the top 10 songs by Cat Stevens concentrates on his positive moments.

10 Can’t Keep It In

This particular song was Stevenís more playful songs, explained as a pop, acoustic guitar-guided symphony that featured one of a few of his best all-time vocal performances.

9 Hard Headed Woman

Before releasing the album Tea For the Tillerman in the year 1970, Stevens released a few albums that nearly nobody had heard. But the Tillerman broke this songwriter, singer to a larger audience. This helped this song to become popular.

8 Morning Has Broken

Stevens arrangement of this dated song, was guided by a rolling and lush piano performance by the keyboardist known as Rick Wakeman, tied up to his single that was the highest-charting that reached number 6.

7 Where Do The Children Play?

This song received a real boost when it became part of soundtrack for the hit-cult movie known as Harold and Maude.

6 Moonshadow

The song ìMoonshadowî was known to be an instant hit, but not a big one stopping at number 30.

5 Oh Very Young

The very last original of his top 10, is described as the most engaging of songs, a rolling yet gentle pop song that featured one of his finest melodies.

4 The First Cut Is The Deepest

The First cut Is The Deepest was initially recorded by P.P Arnold an R and B singer. Cat Stevens’ version appeared in the New Masters later that year.

3 Father and Son

One of his most moving songs, the song involves a dialogue that occurs between a father and his child who is reaching adulthood. This particular song was said to be one of his loveliest melodies.

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2 Peace Train

The intentions of this song were intended to be a wonderful type of song about hope, love and global peace.

1 Wild World

Wild World was Stevens’ call-for independence and a universal and timeless breakup song that featured an extremely catchy chorus.

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