Bad Moon Rising

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Bad Moon Rising Tab

3 Chords: D A G

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[D]I see A [A]bad [G]moon [D]rising
[D]I see [A]trouble [G]on the [D]way
[D]I see [A]earth[G]quakes and [D]lightning
[D]I see [A]bad [G]times [D]today

[G]Don’t go around tonight
Its [D]bound to take your life
[A]Theres a [G]bad moon on the [D]rise

[D]I hear [A]hurri[G]canes A [D]blowing
[D]I know the [A]end is [G]coming [D]soon
[D]I fear [A]rivers [G]over[D]flowing
[D]i hear the [A]voice of [G]rage and [D]ruin


[D]Hope you [A]got your [G]things [D]together
[D]Hope you are [A]quite [G]prepared to [D]die
[D]Looks like we’re [A]in for [G]nasty [D]weather
[D]One eye is [A]taken [G]for an [D]eye



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Learn How To Play Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising Guitar Chords

“Bad Moon Rising” is one of the most beloved Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, but it’s also one of their most challenging tunes. Even if you’ve successfully played other Creedence songs in the past, you may have a hard time getting a handle on this one.

With that said, it’s perfectly possible for you to master this song. Just make sure you keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you to learn the song the right way.

1. Get Accurate Tabs

bad moon rising guitar tabTabs for “Bad Moon Rising” can be found all across the internet. Unfortunately, some of these tabs are far from accurate. If you’re starting with bad information, you’ll never be able to play this song properly.

Take the time to get music from a reliable and trustworthy source. If the site allows for user comments, see if other people have said positive things about these tabs.

You may want to look for a recording of someone performing their own version of the song. Contact the person and ask them where they found their music. They should be happy to help you out.

2. Don’t Play At Full Speed

One of the reasons that people like Creedence Clearwater Revival is that their songs have a lot of complicated details. While these details can be wonderful to listen to, they definitely aren’t easy to play.

Make sure you slow the tempo of the song down before you play it. You’ll make fewer mistakes if you keep the speed of the song down. As you get more comfortable with the song, you can bring the speed back up again. Eventually, you’ll be able to play the song the normal way.

3. Get Feedback

If you have a musically-minded friend or two, ask them to listen to you as they play. Encourage them to be critical and point out any mistakes you might be making. With a song like this, you need to worry about things besides the note. This is a complicated song that can be difficult to pull off.

If you get feedback, you’ll know exactly what you should be working on. You can polish up your version of the song and make it even better.

4. Don’t Stop Practicing

You’re not going to learn a song like “Bad Moon Rising” is a day. Don’t be discouraged when you don’t get the hang of it right away. Keep on practicing. The more effort you put in, the better you’ll get.

If you’re new to guitar, you might want to start off with a different song. “Bad Moon Rising” definitely isn’t going to be an easy song for you to learn.

With that said, anyone can learn this song if they put in enough effort. Get the right music, put in the practice, and you should be able to figure out this song in time. You won’t sound exactly like Creedence Clearwater Revival, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t wind up sounding great.