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Brown Sugar Tab


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G Gsus G3 Bb Bbsus C Csus Eb Ebsus F Fsus G2 G2sus
D –0- –0- –0- –3- –3- –5- –5- –8- –8- -10- -10- -12- -12-
B –0- –1- –0- –3- –4- –5- –6- –8- –9- -10- -11- -12- -13-
G –0- –0- –4- –3- –3- –5- –5- –8- –8- -10- -10- -12- -12-
D –0- –2- –0- –3- –5- –5- –7- –8- -10- -10- -12- -12- -14-
G –0- –0- –0- –3- –3- –5- –5- –8- –8- -10- -10- -12- -12-
D –0- –0- –0- –3- –3- –5- –5- –8- –8- -10- -10- -12- -12-

G2sus G2 C Csus C (rpt 3 more times)
Eb Ebsus Eb C Csus C Bb Bbsus Bb Csus C (rpt)

Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields
Sold in a market down in New Orleans
Scarred old slaver know he’s doing alright
Bb C
Hear him whip the women just about midnight

G G3 G Gsus G C Csus C Csus C
Brown sugar, how come you taste so good, now
G G3 G Gsus G C Csus C Csus C
Brown sugar, just like a young girl should, wooo!
Eb Ebsus Eb C Csus C Bb Bbsus Bb Csus C

Drums are beating cold, English blood runs hot
Lady of the house wonderin’ where it’s gonna stop
Houseboy knows that he’s doing alright
You shoulda heard him just around midnight
Eb Ebsus Eb C Csus C Bb Bbsus Bb Csus C (rpt and solo over)

Oohh come on brown sugar, how come you taste so good babe
Aaah brown sugar just like a black girl should

Aa-I bet your mama was a tent show queen
And all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen
I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like
You shoulda heard me just around midnight

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G Gsus G Gsus G C Csus C Csus C (rpt chords)

I said yeah yeah yeah wooo! How come, how come you taste so good?
I said yeah yeah yeah wooo! Just like a, just like a black girl should
Yeah yeah yeah wooo!

Learn How To Play The Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar Guitar Chords

Brown Sugar, from the 1971 Sticky Fingers album, is easily among The Rolling Stones’ most famous tracks. It is especially popular among guitarists given its characterful guitar centric opening. This is also an good example of Keith Richards’ usage of the open G tuning, but you can actually leave your guitar in standard E tuning to play along without much of an issue. For convenience’s sake, the following paragraphs will assume your guitar is indeed tuned normally.

It will be a bit difficult to play the entirety of the intro to Brown Sugar by yourself, because it has two different guitar parts. It’s best to focus on the lead part which opens the song. Rather than worry about the specific chord Richards originally played, you can get by with two string chords played on the G and B strings. The song starts with a high G chord played on the 12th fret of G and the 13th of B. You quickly change to playing both strings on the 12th fret. From there, slide down to the 5th fret for a high C chord, and play the rest of the riff’s pattern by switching between the 5th and 6th frets of your B string.

rolling stones brown sugar guitar tabThe second guitar part is incredibly simple: you merely play the 3rd and 5th frets in an ascending pattern across the A and D strings. If you’re playing alone, you can interrupt the ending of the lead part to play a mixture of both. Playing the intro exactly as it is on the recording by yourself would be incredibly difficult if not impossible however, so don’t stress yourself too much over trying to nail it.

The second part of the intro is every bit as iconic as the first, and it’s a bit more difficult to play. There are several guitars tracked here, so again you should just focus on the lead section if you’re playing alone. In standard tuning, you only have to play on two strings at a time again. You’ll be playing on the 10th and 8th frets, first on the B and G, then on the G and D, and then on the D and A as well. It’s a little tricky to get the proper rhythm, but it doesn’t take long after your ear gets used to it. The recording being done in a different tuning is the biggest thing that will throw you off at first.

C, F, B minor, and G are the main chords to play throughout the verses and chorus of the song. After the chorus, the second half of the intro has a reprise. The main solo in the song is a horned instrument, though you can improvise along with it if you’d like. It’s played against the intro again, so you can use a lot of the same notes to help yourself stay in key. There’s also a bit of improvised lead guitar work weaving in and out of the later half of the track. The Stones tend to play it a bit differently ever time on stage, so feel free to play whatever you feel there.