Gimme All Your Lovin

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Gimme All Your Lovin Tab

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NOTE: A lot of these are actually power chords (just the first 2 or 3 strings). I just
put the whole chord, in case you wanna play it.

F5(2): xx355x

INTRO: F Bb C (4x)

F Bb C
I’ve gotta have a shot
F Bb C
Of what you got is oh so sweet
F Bb C
You gotta make it hot
F Bb C
Like a boomerang I need a repeat, oh

Gimme all your lovin’
F5(2) F Bb C
All your hugs and kisses too
Gimme all your lovin’
F5(2) F Bb C
Don’t let up until we’re thru

F Bb C
You gotta whip it up
F Bb C
And hit me like a ton of lead
F Bb C
If I blow my top
F Bb C
Will you let it go to your head, oh oh oh oh



F Bb C
You gotta move it up
F Bb C
And use it like a screwball would
F Bb C
You gotta pack it up
F Bb C
And work it like a new boy would



Learn How To Play ZZ Top Gimme All Your Lovin Guitar Chords

Gimme All Your Lovin is a ZZ Top song written by Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard released in 1983 as the first single from the Eliminator album signed by Warner Bros. Records.
The song reached # 2 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and 37 on the Billboard Hot 100.
zz-top-gimme-all-your-lovin-guitar-tabGimme All Your Lovin, as its name suggests, is a song about telling someone that you love their physically expressed, who gives you kisses and hugs too. On the other hand, the song had music video in the style of the eighties. This was done with fun iconic elements that would later be taken up in other videos of the band as a 1933 Ford Coupe red, and a trio of women known as the ZZ girls.
It has been used as part of the musicalization of films such as Happy Feet, The Santa Clause and Beverly Hills Ninja, as well as in video games like Guitar Hero World Tour, where other songs of the band have been included.
About ZZ Top, is a band formed by Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, both born in 1949 in Dallas Texas. After leaving Dallas, Dusty and Frank Beard settled in Houston, where they met Billy Gibbons who, in turn, was already known in the music scene for his talent with the guitar.
Billy Gibbons started playing the guitar at age 13 in a band. At 16 he belonged to another named Billy G and The Blue Flames who later changed his name to Moving Sidewalks. In 1968 they were called to be teloneros of Jimi Hendrix which would be at the beginning of its great success.
Gibbons befriended the guitarist and played live with him. Hendrix gave him a pink Fender Stratocaster guitar and in an interview stated that he was one of the most promising guitarists in the United States.
Billy Gibbons after the dissolution of his band began to collaborate with producer Bill Ham, who became his manager.
Gibbons decided to form a new band with Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. The band began acting as the opening act for many well-known artists such as Ten Years After, Alice Cooper and The Rolling Stones.
The first album of ZZ Top was published in 71 and a year later came the second titled Rio Grande Mud, this was followed by Three Men in 73 which is perhaps the most emblematic album and is also with which they became known to international level.
Eliminator, is the eighth album, where is the song Gimme some Lovin. The disc as a whole, shows the evolution of the group’s sound resulting in a more electronic, as well as greater maturity in their lyrics. Eliminator was a success, it sold more than ten million copies worldwide, even Rolling Stone considered it the 396th place in the list of 500 best albums in history. ZZ Top did not receive such good reviews from the critics until its 15th disc entitled La Futura in 2012.