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Hey Jude Tab

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F C C7sus4 C7 F
Hey Jude dont make it bad take a sad song and make it better
Bb F C7 F
Remember to let her into your heart and then you can start to make it better

F C C7 C7sus4 C7 F
Hey Jude dont be afraid you were made to go out and get her
Bb F C7 F
The minute you let her under your skin then you begin to make it better
F7 Bb Gm7 C7
And anytime you feel the pain hey jude refrain dont carry the world upon your
F7 Bb Gm7 C7
For now you know that its a fool who plays it cool by making his world a
little colder
F7 C7
Da da da da Da da da da Da

Hey Jude dont let me down You have found her now go and get her
Remember to let her into you heart then you can start to make it better
So let it out and let it in Hey Jude begin your waiting for someone to perform
And dont you know that its just you Hey jude you’l do da movement you need is
on your shoulders
Da da da da Da da da da Da

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Learn How To Play The Beatles: Hey Jude Guitar Chords

Hey Jude is by far one of The Beatles’ most popular songs. The song was first released in August of 1968 as a single, and the original version of the song was seven minutes long, making it the longest song ever to climb to the top of the British music charts.

Not only did it meet immediate success and top the charts, but Hey Jude also stayed at the top for an insane amount of time. It spent nine consecutive weeks in the number 1 position in the American charts, which tied the all-time record. The single sold millions of copies, and was quickly added to most critics’ lists of best songs ever recorded.

In 2013, Billboard music awarded Hey Jude the honor of being named the 10th most popular song of all time. Coming from a century of incredible hits, that’s an amazing claim to fame!

There’s no question that Hey Jude is well known worldwide, which also makes it a great song for budding guitarists to learn how to play. If you’re thinking about trying to learn how to play the Beatles’ Hey Jude, then you’re in luck, because the Hey Jude guitar chords might be a little easier than you would think.

the-beatles-hey-jude-guitar-tabThe song is actually comprised of only a couple of chords, but the tricky part is that these chords take a few different forms over the course of the tune, making it slightly more difficult to play. This structure also means that if you’re a beginning guitarist and have your heart set on playing Hey Jude, you can simplify the chord pattern to find something that you could more easily play.

The song starts off with a typical F-C relationship, but immediately the C chord begins to take on a few variations, moving first to a C7 and then to a C7-sus chord, which can be trick to play. The entire song is mostly C, F, and Bflat, with one or two G minor chords thrown in as well.

Another variation chord that makes it more difficult is that after the chorus, the B flat chords transform into a B-flat over A, which makes for a nice bass movement as the root works it was down, but logistically makes the performance a little more difficult.

Again, if you’re a beginner, you might consider altering some of these variations to simply play the basic chord for each, but if you’re going for the characteristic Hey Jude chord sound, then I recommend you practice the variations listed.

If you have trouble learning this song, you might want to check out the free Hey Jude video tutorial linked to above. You can sign up for free, and get access to tons of great trainings and song tutorials to help you improve your guitar skills and learn these great songs more quickly!

Best of luck and hope you enjoying learning this Hey Jude tab!