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Suzie Q Tab

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(drums, fading in)

(7 measures of E)

Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q
A C7
Oh Susie Q, baby I love you
B7 E
Susie Q

Verse 2:
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk
Susie Q

(instrumental; pattern of 2 verses, then 7 measures of E)

Verse 3:
Say that you’ll be true, say that you’ll be true
Say that you’ll be true and never leave me blue
Susie Q

Verse 4:
Say that you’ll be mine, say that you’ll be mine
Say that you’ll be mine, baby, all the time
Susie Q

(27 measures of E)

(repeat verses 1 and 2)

(repeat verse 1, sing 1 octave higher)

(play E and fade)

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Learn How To Play Creedence Clearwater Revival: Suzie Q Guitar Chords

You are very lucky. You are very lucky because you are alive in the time of the Internet and when you want to learn how to play a new song on the guitar all you have to do is search for information on the Internet. In the past new guitar players did not have that benefit. In the past they would have to fumble around on the guitar all by themselves trying to figure out a song by ear. Nowadays, there are many websites that will teach you how to play just about any song that you want to learn.

creedence clearwater revival susie q tab guitarThere are some steps and some best practices that will help you quickly learn how to play a song. What we would like to talk about in this article are those best practices for quickly learning how to play popular songs on the guitar. We could focus on playing the song but in this article we can’t really tell you the chords or the notes that you should play but we can link to that information. What we can do is tell you to process that you should go about.

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creedence-clearwater-revival-suzie-q-guitar-tabThe tabs it physically tells you where to place your fingers and what to do with them. It is a very physical way to learn music versus a memory intensive one where you have to learn notes on the staff like in typical music notation.

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