Wild Horses

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Learn how to play The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses tab on guitar. Access the video tutorial for a free guitar lesson or view the Wild Horses guitar chords below.

Wild Horses Tab

There are two guitar parts at the intro.
The rhythm is the same as the verse,
the lead is built off of the Bm pentatonic, the notes are:


Listen to it, it’ll take about two seconds to figure it out.

Verse 1:

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Bm G Bm G
I heard living is easy to do

Am C D G D C
the pains you wanted, I bought them for you

note: the D and the last C are transitional chords, a quick
down-up-down-up and then change to the next chord

Bm G Bm G
Graceless lady, you know I am

Am C D G D
You know I can’t let you, slide through my hands


Am C D G F C D
Wild Horses, couldn’t drag me away

Am C D G F C
Wild Horses, couldn’t drag me away

(again those D chords are transitional)

Verse 2:

Bm G Bm G
I watched you suffer, a dull aching pain

Am C D G D C
Now you’ve decided, to show me the same

Bm G Bm G
Those sweeping exits, whoa off stage lines

Am C D G D
could make me be bitter, and treat you unkind


Verse 3:

Bm G Bm G
I know I dreamed you, a sin and a lie

Am C D G D C
I have my freedom, but I don’t have much time

Bm G Bm G
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried

Am C D G D
Let’s do some living, after we die

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last line sung as:
Wild horses, I’m gonna ride them some day

Either fade it out or end with a: D(transitional) G

Learn How To Play The Rolling Stones Wild Horses Guitar Chords

the rolling stones wild horses guitar tabWhen it comes to learning the ins and outs of music, it is better to shoot for the top in terms of your learning and inspiration. It is better to learn from legends than it is to learn chords and finger exercises. You will also find that learning an instrument is more fun and fulfilling when you go about it in this manner. It will be easier for you to expedite your learning and tackle it without frustration when you are actually learning songs. Few groups are as legendary as The Rolling Stones, so if you want to learn all that you can about the guitar, you should try to learn one of the songs that they have created. With this in mind, “Wild Horses” is one of the best songs that you can try to look into. Follow these tips in order to master this song and to experience growth with the guitar.

Learn The Song Mentally And Logistically

If you really want to learn the song and engrain it into your muscle memory, it pays to do all that you can to learn it. The first step should either be to decide on whether you want to play it by ear or learn the notes first. Get a copy of some sheet music and study it, so that you can memorize the notes. You should be able to purchase some sheet music online and download it. You should then start to split the song into segments to learn, as opposed to just trying to learn it all one time. By understanding the song, you will also understand more about the guitar and can take your learning to the next level.

Get The Help Of An Instructor

If you really want to learn the guitar, get an instructor to help you learn Wild Horses. They will correct your mistakes and will put you on the quickest path to absolute mastery. To really get the most of the situation, find an instructor that is a fan of the Stones and the song, so that they can help you to get the most out of it.

Keep On Listening

After you start learning the notes, keep listening to the song! This will help you learn it to the best of your ability and will really allow you to perfect it and smooth it out as time goes on. Doing this will let you branch out and learn as much about the guitar as possible.
When you want to make the most of your learning, take advantage of the tips above to learn “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones. If you are a big Stones fan, this will help you to take your guitar practice to the next level, in a way that makes sense and makes guitar fun and exciting. With this in mind, you should do this in order to take your guitar knowledge to new heights.