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Yesterday Tab

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F: xx3211 Em: x22xxx A7: xx2x2x Dm: xxx231 Bb: x13331 C: x32x1x
C/E: xx2x1x Dm7: xxx211 G7: 32xxx1 G/A: xxxxx3 Bbmaj7: x13231
Gm: 233222 C7: x3231x F/C: x33211 G/B: x2xx33

(F)Yesterday(Em)all my(A7)troubles seemed so(Dm)far away, (Bb)Now it (C)looks
as though they’re (Bb)here (F)to stay (C/E)oh (Dm7)I believe (G7)in

(G/A)Why (A7)she (Dm)had (C)to (Bbmaj7)go (Dm)I don’t (Gm)know, she
(C7)wouldn’t say. (F) (G/A)I (A7)said (Dm)some(C)thing (Bbmaj7)wrong,
(Dm/A)now I (Gm)long for (C)yester(F)day.

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be. There’s a shadow hanging over
me, oh yesterday came suddenly.


Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide
away, oh I believe in yesterday.

(F/C)Mm mm (G/B)mm mm (Bb)mm (F)

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Learn How To Play The Beatles: Yesterday Guitar Chords

Yesterday was first released by The Beatles in August of 1965, as part of the album Help!

the beatles yesterday chordsIt was released first in Great Britain, and a month later in the United States. Yesterday took less than a month to skyrocket to the top of the Billboard chart, and actually a separate cover version of the song became insanely popular in England as well.

One of the unique aspects of Yesterday is that it wasn’t your typical rock band. The song was orchestrated for Paul McCartney playing guitar and singing the lyrics, backed by a string quartet. This made it a different approach than pretty much every other Beatles’ song that had been released previously, and there’s no doubt that this arrangement helped boost the song’s popularity.

Another feature that probably helped make the song a hit is that it is a slow ballad, providing a nice contrast to many other popular songs at the time. Yesterday deals with the theme of relationships ending, as the lyrics seemingly remember the highs and lows of a relationship, with the singer lamenting that the memories he had with his love will no longer continue.

If you want to learn how to play Yesterday on guitar, then you need to follow along with the tab above. The layout of the chord progression is easy to follow when reading along with the tab and listening to the recording, but that doesn’t make the song easy to learn.

The first thing that makes the song difficult to play is the sheer number of chords used. There are a lot of transitions, and even though the song is a ballad, some of these chord changes come along more quickly than you might expect.

The second aspect that makes it difficult to learn is that while many guitarists could probably fumble through the Yesterday chord progression, only a few can really play it well. That’s because the song is so gentle and exposed, that it becomes challenging to make all of the chords clean while maintaining an authentic picking style.

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Hope that helps and I look forward to hearing your cover of the Yesterday guitar chords soon!