You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want Tab

Main rhythm guitar: acoustic in OPEN E TUNING, CAPO 8!

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tempo: medium ballad–about 104 b.p.m.

E tuning, low to high: E B E G# B E

Chords: () = chord with capo
E B E G# B E
E add 9 0 0 2 0 0 0 (C add 9) (or call it “add 2”?)
A 0 2 0 1 2 0 (F)
F# 2 2 2 2 2 2 (D)
E 0 0 0 0 0 0 (C)
F#sus 2 2 2 3 2 2 (Dsus)
B7sus x 2 1 0 0 0 (G7sus)

(Note: unwilling to tune up to open E? Tuning to open D instead? You’ll
find this hard to play (capo 10) unless you’ve got a cut-away.
I suggest tuning to open E-flat instead (1/2 step/one fret down from E,
1 up from D) it doesn’t put undue strain on the neck and you won’t break
the G string–it stays G. The you can capo 9 and get to open C, or if that’s
still hard to finger, capo to 8 and play it in B)


This song is built around the following 2 bar lick:

opening |
flourish | E add 9 (=C add 9) A (=F)

— | | |
— | | |
— | | |
| | __ |
| | |

pull-off hammer-on

this pattern repeats throughout the song
with slight (mostly rhythmic) variations–listen to recording for rhythm


Full structure: lyrics, chords–in capoed tone, measures (|)

(Opening: choir sings 1st verse, chorus)

C add9 | F x 4, with French horn intro.

| C add 9 | F
I saw her today at the reception,
| C add 9 | F
a glass of wine in her hand
| C add 9 | F
I knew she was gonna meet her connection,
| C add 9 | F
at her feet was a footloose man

| C add 9 | F
You can’t always get what you wa-ant x 3
| D (see fill #1 below) | F | C | F
but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need

Verse 2:
I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse
Singing, “we’re gonna vent our frustration,
if we don’t we’re gonna blow a 50 amp fuse”


Verse 3 (add 4 extra C add 9, F’s–twice as long):

I went down to the Chelsea Drug Store, to get your prescription filled
I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy, and man did he look pretty ill
We decided we would have a soda, my favorite flavor–cherry red
I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy,
and he said one word to me and that was “dead”

I said to him…

Interlude, with brief electric solo and choir:

Dsus| C | F | Dsus| G7sus| then an instrumental chorus with last line sung

(If you don’t have a choir handy–I seem to have misplaced mine right at the
moment–or a lead guitarist, try changing the rhythm to rapid strumming)

Verse 4: (back to standard pattern/rhythm)

I saw her today at the reception, in her glass was a bleeding man
She was practiced at the art of deception,
I could tell by her bloodstained hands

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Chorus 3 times, then repeat and fade on C add 9, F with choir


Fill #1, last line of chorus, first time only:

| |
| |
| |
— | — |
| |
h.o. h.o.

Electric for lead is in standard tuning, using C7 scale
play 8th fret C, F barre chords during chorus

Learn How To Play The Rolling Stones: You Can’t Always Get What You Want Guitar Chords

Learning to play the guitar is hard, and can take quite a lot of focus. Using chords and tabs to learn your favorite song does make things a bit easier at times, but you will still need to put in quite a lot of practice in order to master the songs that you want to play. In particular, one song that people are all about learning is The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want. This song is one that a lot of people want to play for a number of reasons, but most importantly, it is a great song for learning not only several different types of chords but also how to transition between these chords quickly while still staying in tune and in rhythm.

you can't always get what you want guitar tabOne of the hardest things to master when you are learning how to play the guitar is switching smoothly between chords. It can feel like you will never ever get it down, because it takes quite a lot of practice to master this skill. You have to be able to press the right strings in the right places with very high accuracy without looking at what your fingers are doing, so you really have to get good at developing your muscle memory for the guitar. Additionally, you generally have to move your fingers to the new locations very quickly, so you don’t have any time to consider and carefully place them ñ your fingers pretty much have to know where they’re going to go all on their own.

the-rolling-stones-you-cant-always-get-what-you-want-guitar-tabThe ability to place your fingers where they should be without even thinking about it is known as muscle memory. It can take quite a long time to develop, so when you first start learning about the guitar, you will need to put in quite a lot of practice ñ even up to two hours a day, if you want to develop the muscle memory that your chord switching will need to function smoothly. Many people put a lot of time into this, because you really need this muscle memory for smooth chord switching before you can start really playing any song and have it sound good.

Another thing that you will have to develop is the strength of your fingers and hands. Many people don’t think about this very much, but playing the guitar actually requires quite a lot of hand strength because you have to press down really hard to get a clear and smooth sound from your strings. Many people have trouble pressing down on strings hard enough with their ring and little fingers when they first start playing guitar, and it takes quite some long days of practice before you can get these skills down.

But if you keep at it, you’re sure to master the guitar before you know it, and you’ll be able to play The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want smoothly and quickly, which should be pretty impressive to your friends.