Creedence Clearwater Revival

Top 10 Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs

creedence clearwater revival top 10 songsCreedence Clearwater Revival is an iconic rock band, one of the best ever acording to many sources. Yes, I know, there are the Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more, but Creedence Clearwater Revival is definitely up there in those ranks. What would you consider to be their top 10 songs? Just let me say that this was my dad’s favorite band, so I can tell you what their top songs are.

My favorite song of theirs I would have to say would be ‘Who’ll Stop the Rain.’ However, that is not always going to be their top ranked song if you check out someone else’s list. Still, with needing 10 songs from the band, I think I’ll do just fine here. ‘Born on the Bayou’ would be the #2 spot and #3 would be ‘Fortunate Son.’ Now I’m not going to just rattle them off all at once, so let’s get to some quick facts about Creedence Clearwater Revival.

I already mentioned they are one of the best classic rock bands ever, and that says quite a bit about them. They weren’t active for as long as some of the other great bands though. My dad was a young adult listening to them in the 60’s. They were also active into the 1970’s but that’s all. It was 1993 when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame made the band infamous.

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Proud Mary would be #4 on the list, although Born on the Bayou is the one that is still going through my head. Maybe it should have been #1, but for the purposes of this list, it stands at #2. What do you think #5 is going to be? Let’s see, I’ll put #5 as Bad Moon Rising. Okay, now it’s all coming back to me. That’s the one that is going to stick in my head, as if I remember correctly, that was my dad’s favorite song.

Of course, what’s a list of Creedence Clearwater Revival songs without ‘Looking Out My Back Door?’ Then you have ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain and ‘Down on the Corner.’ How many are we up to now? Up Around the Bend is a good one, and Green River I guess is going to be the last one on the list. What do you think of this top 10 list for Creedence Clearwater Revival songs?

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