Gary Moore

Top 10 Best Songs By Gary Moore

gary moore top 10 songs

Robert William Gary Moore was known as one of the most popular blues rock singer and guitarist in Europe. He was born on the 4 April 1952 and died 6 February 2011. Below is a list of his top ten songs.

1 Parisienne Walkways

2 Still Got The Blues

This song has said to be a true-masterpiece that deserved to be a trademark of Gary Moore. Click here to see the original Gary Moore Still Got The Blues chords.

3. Over The Hills And Far Away

Said to one of his greatest songs ever with great keyboard work.

4. Out In The Fields

Has been suggested that this song should have reached a number one spot. This song has since been played by Limehouse Lizzy and has said to be an amazingly powerful and loud song.

5. Empty Rooms

It has been said that any human will be familiar with this particular song. Empty Rooms can be described as a heart that has been taken out of a body. Like loving a person and then they leave, really explains human emotions. A truly amazing song that touches hearts.

6. The Loner

This song is said to be a genuine masterpiece of Gary Mooreís work. The simplicity of the song proves that a guitar really has the potential to sing. Some people describe this hit as a song about everything from life to dying.

7. Story Of The Blues

Said to be one of the greatest songs by one of the best musicians ever. Gary Moore in his time managed to nail various music genres that are extremely diverse from one another. These include hard rock, heavy metal to jazz to blues.

8. Hurricane

One his top of the top hits, this particular song had the potential to really show off Mooreís mad-guitar skills.

9. The Prophet

This extremely meaningful song is one of his greatest solos of all time. Many say they are truly speechless after listening to the heartfelt music that comes out of the amazing way he used to play his guitar. Many say that this is the top rated song out of the ten as they can feel the pain that emits from his guitar.

10. Midnight Blues

Said to be a simply stunning masterpiece performed by a true-maestro. The guitar along with the lyrics is fantastic in this song that will not be forgotten for many years to come for a number of Mooreís fans from across the globe.

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