Top 10 Nirvana Songs

nirvana top 10 songsThough only in the spotlight for a short time in the early 1990s, Nirvana is the quintessential and most impactful of the entire Seattle grunge rock scene. With their raw, stripped down three piece sound, they were viewed as a radical shift from the increasingly showy and complicated guitar and synth oriented studio wizardry that preoccupied much of the popular music coming out of the 1980s. They gave a voice to many troubled youths, and birthed several tracks that have gone on to become revered as timeless rock classics.

In the eyes of many, the top 10 Nirvana songs are as follows:

1 – Smells Like Teen Spirit

With its striking four chord guitar riff and spacey verses full of abstract, mystifyingly abstract vocals, this is a staple of the music world that sounds just as impactful as it did upon its original release in 1991.

2 – Come As You Are

Come As You Are excels given its catchy, droning clean guitar riff and almost bouncy vocal patterns. It’s the sort of song that gets stuck in your head and is immensely easy to sing (or scream) along with.

3 – Lithium

A song about bipolar disorder, its amusingly happy sounding verses contrast cleverly with the gigantic, noisy choruses consisting of a single lyric: the ever memorable “yeah!”

4 – In Bloom

This moderate tempo rocker uses a chord progression that would never fly in conventional pop music given how downright ugly it is. Even so, the band managed to weave it into an arrangement with an unforgettable chorus and a standout, emotional guitar solo.

5 – About A Girl

This is another magnetic, hair raising track that sounds as close to a garage band jamming unheard long into the night as you can ever get on the radio.

View the original Nirvana About A Girl chords.

6 – Rape Me

Ever controversial, this song defied the odds to become a mainstay of the band given its memorable vocal melody.

7 – Polly

Despite being one of the best drummers in modern music, Dave Grohl stepped away to let this song breathe with little else besides vocals, bass, and guitar.

8 – Heart Shaped Box

This immensely dark song is perhaps most notable for its bizarre music video, where fetuses hang from trees among other disturbing imagery.

9 – All Apologies

The final song on the band’s final album, All Apologies stands out given its orchestral accompaniment and laid back, mellow verses.

10 – Dumb

Another song with nearly mumbled lyrics, Dumb exemplifies the stripped down style of the band in their final era.

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