Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s Top 10 Songs From 1991 To Present

pearl jam top 10 songsPearl Jam is one of those bands that has been around forever, withstanding the test of time. While they’ve only been around since 1991, they have produced numerous albums that have sold over 30 million copies. It was 2013 when they released their 10th album, and the band is still going strong. They are well-known for going against the grain when it comes to the music industry. With all the songs that they’ve released, it can be kind of difficult to pick a top 10 list, but many of their top songs do stand out.

When it comes to the top 10 songs by Pearl Jam, #1 would be Black. If you look at other people’s top 10 lists, you’re going to see that the rankings for Pearl Jam songs can be all over the place. Having played during the grunge area and still making music in the 2nd decade of the 21st century means that they have all different kinds of songs out there. Of course, Pearl Jam does have a distinctive sound no doubt.

Black would probably be my favorite Pearl Jam song, so it has to be #1 as mentioned for this list anyway. The #2 song is Corduroy and #3 is Alive. Now that we’ve established the top 3 Pearl Jam songs, it’s time to move on to #4. Up next is Rearview Mirror, and to round out the top five, we’ll go with Even Flow.

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Pearl Jam often reminds people of bands before its time, which is definitely a good thing. Modern music is great, but it doesn’t hold a candle to classic rock. Now let’s get back to naming the top 10 songs by Pearl Jam. We’re at #6, and what do you think it should be? I’m going to have to say that #6 is Daughter, and then #7 is Yellow Ledbetter. The #8 song is going to be In My Tree, and #9 is In Hiding. Now, there is only one more song to round out the top 10.

There are so many songs that could be honorable mentions or take that 10th spot. Let’s put #10 as Release, and then I’ll give you a few of the songs that are honorable mentions. Who You Are, Undone and Light Years are three of the honorable mentions. Would you have chosen the same top 10 songs for your list?

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