The Best Songs by the Hair Metal Band Poison

poison top 10 songsDuring the 1980’s, rock and roll expanded further than it ever had before. The subgenres of the era included hair metal bands, which were similar to hard rock but with a more commercial flavor to them. The name came from the fact that the majority of the men who sang and played in these bands often had hairstyles that rivaled the women who flocked to their shows.

Poison was one such band, and each of the members not only had gorgeous locks atop their heads, they wore makeup and had some fantastic costumes that solidified their standing as one of the most visibly recognizable hair bands of all time. From their videos that displayed a combination of footage from live shows and attractive fans to their multiple albums and tours, they are one of the most well-known bands of the era.

The musical creations of Poison included ballads, though the focus was on harder stuff. However, the women loved to hear songs like “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on the radio, especially when going through an emotional breakup. Not only is this still their most popular tune, it is known as one of the most beloved love songs of the genre. The powerful guitar and lyrics in it pull on the heartstrings and are incredibly relatable.

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Another one of their famous ballads is the song “I Won’t Forget You.” Of course, these are just a couple of the releases that the power band had. The edgy tunes that kept them in the hearts and minds of the hair metal band fandom were and continue to be the mainstay of their recordings.

The band had covered classic songs such as the 1970’s rock and roll tune “We’re an American Band” which was originally made popular by Grand Funk Railroad. Additionally, their releases have made it to soundtracks from shows that were released to the masses.

Their lead singer has ventured out into other areas of business but continues to be the spokesman and has been involved with things such as the release of their best of album, which actually went gold.

If you want a great representation of the hair bands of the 1980’s, then you should check out the top ten greatest songs that were made by the band Poison. It will provide a foundation of knowledge that cannot be beaten by anyone.

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