Rick Springfield

Top 10 Songs by Rick Springfield

rick springfield top 10 songsWhen it comes to music, most people will freely admit that good looks are often a part of the package that can catapult a band or artist to the spotlight. Though talent is great, when combined with a handsome face like Rick Springfield, girls and women alike often go nuts!

He was born in Australia in 1949 and has done several acting stints in addition to his musical contributions to the world of art. In fact, his starring role in a daytime soap opera set him up for ready-made fans when he released an album in the early 1980’s. Many of the women and teen girls who watched the show were excited to see what their favorite daytime doctor could do, leading him to a number one single from the recording.

That song, “Jessie’s Girl,” is probably still one of the songs most associated with the brunette entertainer. He has recorded many other albums since giving up the role of Dr. Noah Drake although he did both for a while to ensure he had sufficient funds to give up the daytime acting job for good.

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He has been through many ups and downs as well as changes during the decades since splitting from the role. From movies to other television shows, he has had plenty of opportunities to bring the two parts of his entertainment forms together. He even made an appearance on the former soap opera in 2013 to bolster his career.

While songs like “Affair of the Heart” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers” are among the ones most associated with him, he has other tunes that are just as good, though maybe not as commerically viable. This is due to an emotional and spiritual awakening that the man went through which came out in the songs on his album “Tao.”

He openly discussed his struggles with depression and related issues from unresolved issues that occurred when he was a child and teen. Fortunately for Springfield, many of his fans could relate to the turmoil and continued to support the artist through going to concerts and buying his albums.

If you want to know what good pop music was like at the end of the last century, then you should check out the ten most popular songs that were released by Rick Springfield. You are sure to be impressed with his talent and emotional prose.

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