Robert Johnson

Top 10 By Blues Legend Robert Johnson

robert johnson top 10 songsRobert Johnson was an African American jazz singer who died at a young age right as his career was developing. This was during the 1930’s, as Johnson died in 1938. As you can imagine, his work has made him more famous posthumously than he was when he was alive. All of his songs are on one album, so picking the top 10 should be an easy thing to do, right? Well, according to one source, he’s got well over 300 songs! His compilation album is very famous, is part of the Hall of Fame and won a Grammy in the 90’s.

His name is widely recognized in the jazz world and in the music industry in general, and his music has influenced many other music artists. Have you listened to any of Robert Johnson’s music? Looking at how many songs he has recorded, picking the top 10 could be a difficult task. However, let’s start by telling you the #1 pick, which is Cross Road Blues.

Now it’s time for a little more history about Robert Johnson. It was mentioned that he died at the age of 27. His death is a mystery, and it’s very interesting reading about the theories surrounding his death. It’s speculated by some people that he may have even been murdered.

Now, which Robert Johnson song is going to be #2? That would be Terraplane Blues, and then #3 is Sweet Home Chicago. If you’ve yet to listen to any songs by Robert Johnson, now is your chance after knowing the top three tracks. At #4 is Me And The Devil Blues, and #5 is 32-20 Blues. Have you noticed how often the word ‘Blues’ appears in the titles of his songs?

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I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom is #6, and #7 is Come On In My Kitchen. Reading about these songs almost a century later, the titles seem somewhat simplistic, right? That’s not a negative observation, as I find it quite interesting. A handful of his tracks just have numbers for titles, like the 32-20 Blues song that came in at #5.

Three more tracks remain to round out the top 10 list of Robert Johnson songs. At #8, we have Last Fair Deal Gone Down, #9 is Army Blues and #10 is Walking Blues. In case you’re wondering, yes, there are many more songs and some of them don’t have the word ‘blues’ in them. Robert Johnson is a legend, so blues fans should be familiar with this music artist.

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