The Animals

Top 10 Rock Songs By The Animals

the animals top 10 songsThe Animals was a British rock band originally formed in the 1960s. The sound of the Animals is easily recognizable thanks to their strong bluesy influences and the unique voice of front man Eric Burden. Here are the top 10 songs by the Animals.

10. Paint It Black

The Rolling Stones’ version of ‘Paint It Black’ is a rock classic but the Animals definitely did justice to this song. The song was recorded in 1967 and didn’t receive as much attention as the Rolling Stones’ version.

9. San Francisan Nights

Recorded in 1967, ‘San Franciscan Nights’ is the most popular song recorded by the second incarnation of the band. Compared to the band’s earlier material, this song is closer to psychedelic rock and shows how the band evolved.

8. I Believe To Me Soul

The iconic Ray Charles song was given in a new twist by the Animals in 1965. This is a good example of how rhythm and blues influenced the Animals.

7. Bring It On Home To Me

The Animals revisited this soul classic originally recorded by Sam Cooke. This is one of the recordings that is closer to pop music compared to their other songs.

6. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Several artists have covered this song that was originally written in 1964 for Nina Simone. The Animals’ cover was closer to the original compared to the disco version recorded by Santa Esmeralda in 1977.

5. Boom Boom

The Animals showed their bluesy influences by covering the popular John Lee Hooker song. They managed to make the song their own by turning the classic into a rock song.

4. I’m Crying

This song became a hit in 1964 even though it never got as much airtime and attention as The Animals’ other 1964 hit, ‘The House Of The Rising Sun’.

3. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Even though this song was originally written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and referred to New York City, the Animals made a few changes to the lyrics to evoke Newcastle and England.

2. It’s My Life

The Animals perfectly captured the spirit of teenage rebellion with this gritty and bluesy rock anthem.

1. House Of The Rising Sun

This is easily their most recognizable song since it became a number 1 hit in 1964 and earned The Animals their place in the British invasion movement.

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