The Black Crowes

The Top 10 Songs By The Black Crowes

the black crowes top songsWhen it comes to any top 10 list, things get a bit subjective. There’s always going to be the people who disagree on what songs are the best. There’s always going to be the people who think that a much maligned song by any group is actually their favorite. There’s always going to be the people who dislike the song that everyone else likes.

Songs by the Black Crowes are no different. It doesn’t matter what the song is. Whether it’s their first single “Jealous Again”, or their song “Remedy”, which hit number 1 and then stayed there for 11 weeks, people are going to disagree on their personal top 10 songs by the Black Crowes. Which begs the question for anyone who wants to get into music by this band. How do you find out the top 10 songs by the Black Crowes?

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Luckily, there are a few options available to you. If you simply have no idea of what the musical lexicon of the Black Crowes actually is, the internet is a great place to start. Your best bet is to head to Wikipedia, and simply type in a search for the band name. Once you do that, you’ll find all the information about the group that’s fit to know. The important part, however, is that you’ll find out their discography.

Once you know the names of their various songs, you can head over to Youtube. Search for each song, listen to it, and you can decide for yourself. That’s the absolute best way to find out what their various songs sound like, after all. Youtube will let you hear the songs without having to actually go out of your way to buy all of their songs.

However, if you’d rather not have to take the time to listen to all of their songs, there are other options. You can head to your local music shop, a shop that sells records and CDs. You can ask the store clerk for suggestions, and no doubt the store clerk will be happy to give them. In that way, you can narrow down some of the options, and get a better idea of what you might enjoy.

At the end of the day, the only way to decide your personal top 10 songs by the Black Crowes is to listen to their music. But if you do a bit of research, you can narrow down that search.

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