The Box Tops

Top 10 Songs Of Soulful Rock Group The Box Tops

the box tops top 10 songsHitting the scene in the 1960’s, The Box Tops had much competition when it comes to rock music. They held their own nicely, and they have continued to make an impact on the music world ever since. As a group, they were done by the time 1970 rolled around for the most part, but they have had reunions since then. The lead singer has now passed on, but they did have a reunion before his death in 2010.

There are certain songs that The Box Tops are more well known for than the rest of their music, so the first few selections are going to be a piece of cake. At #1 is The Letter, and I think most people would agree with that selection. At #2 and #3 are Soul Deep and Cry Like A Baby respectively. Are you familiar with the rest of the top 10 songs by The Box Tops?

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The Box Tops are also known for recording other people’s songs as well. Let’s get back to the top ten list though, as #4 is Choo Choo Train, and #5 is I Met Her In Church. It’s interesting to notice when songs were released, especially when you’re looking at a top ten list from a band who was around for a long time. The Box Tops weren’t making music for decades like the Rolling Stones, however, but it’s still interesting noting the years for songs related to all bands.

For example, Choo Choo Train was released in 1968, as was Cry Like A Baby. Many of the top 10 songs released by The Box Tops were from the last few years the band was releasing new songs. At #6, we have Neon Rainbow, which was released in 1967. Then there is Soul Deep coming in at #7, which was released in 1969.

Turn On The Dream comes in at #8, I Shall Be Released at #9 and Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March at #10. It really is the top three songs that gave this band their international success. However, people have come to appreciate the other songs released by The Box Tops, as they are all unique and bring something special to the table. The Box Tops were touring as late as the early 2000’s. The name of the band is quite catchy, and that has definitely helped with branding and the popularity of their music in general.

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