The Cars

Jam Out To The Cars Top 10 Greatest Songs

the cars top songsWhile The Cars were popular in the late 70’s, I think of them more as an 80’s band. What’s funny about that, however, is its their earlier songs that were the most popular. I wrote an article earlier about the top 10 songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and I mentioned that the band was my dad’s favorite. Well, The Cars were my Uncle Chuck’s favorite band, and so I got to relive some of their hits through him.

You’ll hear their music often nowadays in different places, and while the Cars put out their best stuff early on, what they did as a band in later years is also revered. So what would the top ten songs by The Cars be? Just What I Needed has to be #1, and I think my uncle would agree with that selection.

Click here to learn The Cars’ Just What I Needed chords.

Just because the early music by The Cars was the best doesn’t mean we don’t have to get picky and choosy about the top ten. Let’s make the #2 song My Best Friends Girl, and the #3 song is going to be Drive. Now that you’ve been told the top 3, has your #1 been mentioned yet? Most likely it has because two out of those three songs are most people’s favorite songs by The Cars.

Moving in Stereo can be #4, and Bye Bye Love can be #5. Evidently, The Cars are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet. The nomination for them came in 2015, but that’s all that has happened so far. Still, they have received numerous rewards, and it’s interesting reading about the band’s history. For example, did you know they recorded another album in 2010? They were minus one band member who had died of cancer in 2000.

Back to the list, and we’re at #6. The #6 best song of all time from The Cars would be You Might Think, which got voted for best music video when it was released. Then for #7, let’s go with Good Times Roll. Three more songs need to be added to the list, and the first one up is You’re All I’ve Got Tonight. To round out the top ten list, let’s go with Heartbeat City and All Mixed Up. Sure, there could be a couple of them switched out here and there, but I’d say that’s a solid list of songs from The Cars.

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