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The Rolling Stones Top 10 Best Songs

the roling stonesWith a career that spans decades and seems to show no signs of stopping even after reaching the half-century mark, the Rolling Stones have a vast catalogue of music. That is an understatement, but of all the songs that they have recorded, there are 10 that can be considered their best.

The determination of which songs make the list is subjective, but most anyone familiar with their work will agree that the following songs are worth being placed on such a list. These are songs that the Rolling Stones wrote and recorded.They are also songs that are regularly heard on airwave radio to this day.

Jumpin Jack Flash
A great song inspired by Keith’s exploration of blues guitar. The song is named for Jack, Keith’s gardener at the time.

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Sympathy for the Devil
Sinister and satirical, the song came at a time when the world wondered, is God dead?

Paint it, Black
Brian Jones strums a sitar in one of rockís first commercial uses of the instrument.

Street Fighting Man
A song that is just about as Rolling Stones-tough as any song can get.

Miss You
Disco and Studio 54 were not lost on Mick Jagger. In the 1970s, he took the disco beat and successfully transferred it to the Rolling Stonesí music.

Ruby Tuesday
Keith Richards wrote the majority of this song after suffering a breakup with a girlfriend. The recorder is played by Brian Jones who had the extraordinary talent of being able to play any instrument he could get his hands on.

Brown Sugar
Recorded at Muscle Shoals in Alabama, the song is meant to be as dirty as it sounds. Jagger wrote the lyrics and Richards came up with the riff.

Start Me Up
As the band all hovered around the age of 40, they already were showing no desire to quit acting like 20-somethings in the early 1980s.

You Canít Always Get What You Want
Besides opening up with choirboys singing, this song is also somewhat wistful, wise and true.

(I Canít Get No) Satisfaction
Keith Richardsís creation came after the band had just started touring America, and there was frustration brewing over the entire commercialization of the once die-hard blues musicians.

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While most of the top 10 songs are from the distant past, they have stood the test of time. They are sure to remain staples of listening pleasure for many years.

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