Van Halen

Top Songs By the Hard Rock Band Van Halen

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For those who enjoy listening to hard rock and roll, the band van Halen is undoubtedly on their regular playlists. From their early days in the mid-1970’s when David Lee Roth was still opening for them to the changes in the personal and professional lives, this group has been rocking hard for decades?

When trying to determine what the top ten van Halen songs are, it is often a matter of opinion. Some people prefer the original style while others embrace the voice and attitude brought by Sammy Hagar, who was brought in during the 1980’s to replace frontman Roth.

One thing is for certain though, the guitar skills of Eddie van Halen are the stuff of legend, and even those who are not particularly into this genre of music readily admit that he is one of the best guitarists alive today. He, along with his brother and drummer Alex began the group, naming after themselves.

To the mix, they added Michael Anthony on bass and Roth on vocals. Unfortunately, the incredible success of their album 1984 lead to fights within the band, with the duo insisting that it was still their baby, even if Roth did gain attention belting out the lyrics to sold out venues across the country and even world.

That album contained some of their most well-known songs, including “Jump” and “Hot for Teacher.” A bit more pop-flavored than their first couple of albums, true fans sometimes state that this was the last good album before the band sold out.

However, a list of their top ten would certainly include some of the tunes that were recorded with Hagar belting out the lyrics while Eddie continued to amaze and impress those with his undeniable talent. The album 5150 was one of the most commercially successful recordings of the quartet and brought them recognition outside of the world of hard rock.

If you want to listen to the classic rock band van Halen and get a feel for their top ten songs, you should listen to selections that span the career of the group. Whether it is an old recording of “Ice Cream Man” or them jamming out on the latest ideas put together, you are sure to understand why this band has earned a place in rock and roll history. Once you start, it may even be hard to stop!